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     TriPlex was formed just a year ago when Michael Beaver uncovered a profoundly more powerful anodizing process than that which had existed for the past 89 years.
     Walt Ahland, owner of Lights Camera Action, LLC arranged a meeting with Michael Beaver, General Manager of FutureWeld to discuss an anodizing problem.  Walt had developed and patented a high intensity LED light for the nuclear industry.  It was designed to be used in-air and underwater.  The standard MIL-A-8625 anodizing was too easily scratched to be used in the nuclear environment.  Walt needed a thin coating that would be resistant to abrasion and boric acid for 5-15 years, be virtually impervious to scratches and normal impact and could maintain the ability to dissipate heat.
      From Michael's years of experience in anodizing, he explained to Walt that there wasn't a solution on the market to  meet Walt's requirements.  However, on the following Monday Michael had an idea that just might work.  From that moment a new anodizing and Chem Film process was developed; TriPlex.
     The first product processed was a section of the heat sink from Walt's LED light assembly.  Along with this, a couple of
1/32" x 3" x 10" 6061=T6 panels were processed.  Walt and Michael noticed that one of the louvers on the heat sink had been bent.  However, the bent louver showed no evidence of cracking at the bend line.  More importantly there was no evidence of cracking at the impact zone, where it had been dropped.  Using one of the panels, Michael bent t at different angles until it was completely bent over at 180º and still there was no evidence of cracking.  To test the durability, Walt used a hammer and made glancing blows on the setion of the heat sink.  Standard hard anodizing chips and flakes off when damaged in such a manner.  There were no flakes or chips from the TriPlex processed heat sink.  "What have we created?"
     Mike Adams, owner of FutureWeld, Michael Beaver, and Walt Ahland agreed that additional testing needed to be done.  Thus a new company was formed, TriPlex, LLC, and the testing of our patent pending process to the MIL-A-8625 specifications began.
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